The Sacred Cow BBQ

Jul 8, 2016 by

Most associations have a few outdated, yet formally awesome programs, products, and services that have outlived their value. These dinosaurs are commonly referred to as Sacred Cows. Getting rid of a Sacred Cow is difficult because many members are emotionally attached to them. In an attempt to add logic, reason, and maybe a bit of common sense to evaluating the future of Sacred Cows, I have developed a simple five question test to help members. I call this process a Sacred Cow BBQ.

  1. What was the original purpose of this program/service?
  2. Has the purpose or circumstances related to this program/service changed?
  3. What other options are available for fulfilling this member need?
  4. Is the program/service called for in our strategic plan?
  5. Should we continue this program/service, or are our limited resources better spent elsewhere?

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