If You Could Only Offer Three Services

Aug 9, 2013 by

I have written in the past about an association’s attention span. I recently saw this visual that helped make my point: it is better to focus on a few things and do them really well, than it is to focus on many things and do them mediocre.


This hose has been split into four other hoses, each with a flow control to turn it on or off. There is even room to add more hoses. If you turned on all four hoses at the same time, each would only get one quarter of the water. If each of the hoses represented a program or service of the association, then each would only get a quarter of the attention span of the organization.


How thin can you split the attention span of your organization before everything you do is just mediocre? I think the number is three. In fact, I am a believer in the rule of three.


If your organization is trying to get the members to focus on twenty different things, each of these programs will only get a trickle of attention, a trickle of resources, and a trickle of success. If you only did one thing for your members, you would be able to dedicate the entire association’s attention and resources and that program would be an enormous success to members.


But, a one-trick-pony will eventually fade or be replaced by another pony.


An organization that only offers three programs/services to members is diverse enough for long-term survival without cutting the attention span of the organization down to a trickle. If we could convince our organizations to only do three things, but do them really well, would our members see more value in what we do? I say yes!

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  1. I totally agree, Dave

  2. This holds true for any organization, group or association…Life in general typically but most seem to think more is better….