Longing for Leaders

Jul 27, 2013 by

Leadership-PegsMost Associations are starving for enough strong leaders to make the organization run well. Some are forced to recycle “the good ones” to keep things moving forward. There are plenty of people with leadership potential, but yet we are always looking for the next great leader.

Here are 4 culture traits your organization needs to attract the best leaders:

1. Make it Fun – Current leaders and staff need to make it look fun to be in a leadership position. If the leader is not having fun, no one will want the job.
2. Make it Important – Do you expect your organization to do important stuff, or are you simply keeping the status quo moving. Associations that are progressive in accomplishing big things will attract better leaders.
3. Make it Profitable – Good leaders are probably good at their real job too. If your organization’s leadership job description requires leaders to dedicate so much time that their business suffers, you will not attract great leaders. The best leaders will use their leadership role to enhance their business.
4. Make it Easy – Too often Association Execs expect their leaders to do too much. Association governance is like a Broadway play and the leader’s role is to be on stage when it is time to lead. The Execs role (job) is to make the leader look good.

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