You Can’t Solve Tomorrow’s Problems With Yesterday’s Solutions

Feb 23, 2013 by

There’s a saying that goes, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail…or something like that. The point is simple – to deal with change and succeed in the face of the challenges ahead, you have to have a toolbox full of solutions.

Associations often try to use the same solutions that worked in the past to address the problems we face today. You hear people suggest that we just need a better looking flier or a better speaker to make an event successful “like it used to be.” Or maybe we just need to send out 10 more email messages to promote the event.

If all you have is classroom training, every issue will look like a class waiting to happen. If all you have is an online newsletter, every issue will look like an article.

Next time a new issue pops up, check your response. Do you pull out your trusty old hammer and beat it into submission, or do you look for a new way to respond.

Things change. They have changed already and they will continue to change. Has your association changed with the times, or are you still doing what you’ve always done.

You can’t solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. Sometimes our people (staff and volunteers) will change with the times. Sometimes we just need to change the people.

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