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Sep 13, 2012 by

Have you ever asked your Board of Directors to define your core members? But, you say, all our members are equally important. Maybe so, but it is likely that you have a segment of your membership that is more vital to your associations success than the rest.

Think about it. Which group, type, or segment of your members is the natural center of your membership? You might even say they are the soul or the heart of the organization and if they left, you’d be left with a dead, or dying association.

When I work with associations to develop their strategic plan, I always ask the group to define their core customer (member). Typically I use Ritz Carlton and Walmart as examples of companies that have a well-defined core customer. Both of these companies make decisions and developed strategies based on their core customer, but still serve many other non-core customers.

If an association fails to define its core member, then, by default, it will attempt to be all things to all members and end up being nothing special to anyone. Do you want to have a special association? Then figure out who is the core, the soul, and the heartbeat of your organization and find fantastic ways to make them happy.

If you do that, the entire organization will be happy and healthy.

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  1. Dave, great post. Found you via @gregmelia. We like to start with the ‘WHY’ of an organization. We find that when an association is clearly and consistently messaging their ‘WHY’ to their members, then it naturally attracts members who resonate with their message and who are most likely to be their core or superfans.